A few things to know about The Whitman Group:

All conversations and personal information shared with the recruiters of The Whitman Group are held in the strictest of confidence. ALWAYS. We NEVER submit your resume or mention your name to ANYONE without your explicit consent.


"Ilene, Have a wonderful evening and I'm very glad our paths crossed. I'm going to give you an award as the World's Greatest Legal Recruiter - as the bankers would say, you kick-ass, lady!"

     – Derivatives Partner

"Kerry is direct, professional and he knows the market and his job. He is a pleasure to work with and he knows how to close a deal."
     – Recruiting Manager from AmLaw 100 Firm

"Mike, I just want to send you a short note thanking you for the incredible job you did. I was definitly nervous and unsure about the prospects of changing firms, and now that it is done I'm glad I had you on my side. I could not have done it without you and am pleased to call you a friend. Thank you!"
     – Labor & Employment Partner

"I cannot say enough about my experience with Kerry Whitman. My case was not an easy one; to say that Kerry handled my search with patience, amazing wisdom and a lot of personal compassion feels like an understatement. Kerry thoroughly explored the market and always provided me with spot-on advice. I never felt that Kerry was trying to push just "any" job, but was constantly looking for the right fit for me and always had my best interests completely at the forefront. I don't think I could have found a better recruiter. I always had complete confidence in Kerry's skills and am happy to give him my highest recommendation!" 
     – Senior Corporate Associate 

"Thank you so much Ilene. You are truly a gem and I would recommend you so highly to anyone who is looking for a new position. This was by far the most difficult decision I've ever struggled with (I never gave nearly this much thought about whom to marry!)."

     – Senior Transactional Associate

"Without a doubt this has been the hardest career decision I have ever faced. Mike handled it with ease. He was always there to give me his honest opinion and never once did I feel like he was trying to convince me to take the position. His knowledge of the whole process was a big help to me as well. I would definitely recommend Mike!"
     – Senior Labor & Employment Associate


"Ilene, I appreciate your sending my resume to your nephew in California and to XYZ firm for no fees. That was very kind of you. You have an exceptionally impressive and personable work style which gives me lots of hope in my job search. Thanks so much."

     – Mid Level Transactional Associate

"Kerry applied his immense knowledge and understanding of the legal industry to my particular background and career objectives. He provided me with blunt and candid information regarding positions that were not only posted but also ones that were only available through word of mouth. I have recommended a number of my colleagues to Kerry on the basis of his knowledge of the industry and his personal and professional advocacy. I recommend Kerry to any anyone looking for a dedicated recruiter that understands both the intricacies of the legal market and the various issues facing an attorney who is looking to make a move."
     – Mid Level Intellectual Property Associate

"Mike was extremely helpful to me in my search for a new position. Not only did he provide me with top notch opportunities, but his ability to anticipate my needs throughout the process was truly remarkeable. Many times he would answer my question before i even asked it! I would hate to think what would have happened it I had chosed a different recruiter to work with."
     – Mid Level Litigation Associate

"Working with Kerry was a pleasure. He gave me honest and straightforward information about the firm on whose behalf he was working, and he was very accessible as I went through the process of deciding whether to make the move. He also had a good sense of the relevant legal market. Perhaps most importantly, he had a genuine interest in me making a decision that was right for my personal circumstances. I recommend Kerry wholeheartedly."
     – Mid Level Technology Transactions Associate 

"Ilene, BTW, I'm meeting with XYZ firm on the 24th. I will keep you fully abreast as I value the incredible diligence you've undertaken - I don't think there are many headhunters, if any, as good as you."

     – Junior Bankruptcy Associate

"Kerry was an absolute pleasure to work with. Though I ended up taking an offer elsewhere, Kerry never hesitated to represent my interests more zealously than most attorneys represent their clients. I was always impressed with his honesty, availability and dedication to my needs. Not to mention his wealth of knowledge of the industry and understanding of my point of view and unique situation. I would recommend Kerry to any attorney looking for an opportunity. You won't find a more honorable hard working recruiter out there."
     – Mid Level Litigation Associate

"Ilene, I wanted to let you know of a decision I just made, and the direction in Manhattan I will be heading starting in the beginning of June. I have the highest regard for you and your services..I can't imagine how much more difficult this process would have been without your guidance."

     – Junior Securities Associate

"Moving jobs can be a delicate process which puts at stake both your career and reputation. Kerry is someone that I trust to advocate and represent me and more importantly to tell me the bad and the good news. He was available for questions late at night and on weekends, whenever things developed. Kerry would make sure I was in the loop as soon as things changed. Throughout my search, he was a great sounding board, willing to help out and run through each little issue or concern that I had. Knowing that Kerry was part of "my team" gave me the support and reassurance to get the job that I wanted. Having also worked with larger recruiting firms, there is no-one that I would recommend more highly."
     – Junior Corporate Associate