"Kerry applied his immense knowledge and understanding of the legal industry to my particular background and career objectives."

-Mid Level Intellectual

Property Associate   


A few things to know about The Whitman Group:

All conversations and personal information shared with the recruiters of The Whitman Group are held in the strictest of confidence. ALWAYS. We NEVER submit your resume or mention your name to ANYONE without your explicit consent.

For Attorneys




Whether you are an associate with new career goals, or a partner or group of partners looking for a new platform, The Whitman Group has the experience and market knowledge necessary to help you be successful in an ever changing, competitive environment. 


Your privacy is of paramount importance to us. We NEVER submit a resume, or divulge confidential information, to anyone without explicit consent. We will tell you as much as we know about the specific situation and will hold nothing back. When we disagree with you, we will let you know why we do, but the final decision always rests in your hands. We want you to make the decision that’s right for you based on the information gathered and market knowledge shared. 

Team Approach 

The Principals of The Whitman Group are constantly in contact with each other discussing various challenges that attorneys face in this challenging market. They share ideas and experiences that help each other be successful for the attorneys they are working with.


For an attorney, changing positions is a complex process that is different each time. However, there are some constants that are critical to the process. Having a strong resume, formatted in a professional matter is very important. The Whitman Group have a Professional Career Writer on retainer that reviews each resume before it goes to any employer. Additionally, after having seen and presented literally hundreds of resumes, we know what a good one looks like and will help make sure that yours is one of them.

Interviews. It doesn’t get more important than this. A good interview can set you moving towards that dream position; a bad one can ruin your chances. The Whitman Group will prepare you before any interview so you have the confidence and knowledge to be successful. Our understanding of, and strategies for, interviews has been honed over the many years we have been placing attorneys. They work. You can be assured that we will help you be ready. 

Closing the Deal 

For associates, times are changing. The days of lock step salaries appear to becoming a thing of the past. Thus, salary negotiation is going to once again be a vital part of the associate placement process. For partners, many, if not most, deals come down to compensation talks. The Principals of The Whitman Group have been there before. They know how to best negotiate to get you what you are worth. They have the experience that comes with having negotiated countless deals in the past; the relationships with their clients to know when to push and when not to; and the market knowledge to ensure that you leave no money on the table. 

That’s what a combined 40+ years of experience will do for you.

Experience. Integrity. Knowledge. Results. The Whitman Group.